Little Bird Marketing

The Brush & Blade

About the work

This is what you get when a very funny guy takes an established salon brand and tweaks it old school style. This crew needed a brand with some major cool factor to rock this unsuspecting market.

Trends come and go, but quality service and an attention to detail always produces loyal customers. While many shops ventured into trendy barbershop-like offerings, The Brush and Blade owned this market quickly by backing up the offerings with licensed and experienced barbers.

The ownership of this brand let us really go wild with contests, promos, hilarious videos and a very slapstick approach to offers. Their willingness to play around with the brand has proven to be very inviting to clients who quickly feel like they belong. It is the real power of cool by association at work.

Services Provided

Copy & Content Websites & Mobile Brand Identity Video Graphic Design Print