Little Bird Marketing

Carlson Chiropractic Center

About the work

Live your life naturally—that’s their motto. Carlson Chiropractic Center is all about natural, non-invasive treatment. Rather than prescribing drugs (like many medical professionals do), the doctors at Carlson want to help patients reach health goals, through chiropractic treatment, food sensitivity testing and wellness workshops.

We designed a user-friendly website, filled with thoroughly researched content, and create collateral to better suit their business. Because Carlson Chiropractic puts their patients health first, we thought they’d be the perfect candidate for inbound marketing. Through inbound, we create digital content (blogs, social media posts, etc) that is helpful for their specific target market, delighting their customers by educating them.

Services Provided

Copy & Content Websites & Mobile Inbound Marketing Marketing Strategy Social Media Graphic Design Print Media Buying