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An inspiration board kicks off the beginning of every branding project. We like to fly a lot of ideas up the flagpole about brand aesthetics before we commit to a specific direction. This allows for full exploration of color, themes, typographic styles, textures, patterns, key words, aesthetic preferences and desired experience. This exhaustive approach keeps us delivering fresh ideas and creative approaches to any brand, time and time again.

Skylark Branding Sample

Click the PDF to download a sample branding one-sheet.


A distinct and recognizable logo is a powerful investment that pays off for years to come. Even logo revisions can pack a powerful punch when the identity of a brand is accurately portrayed visually. An effective logo increases brand equity subtly and immediately communicates to the targeted audience how to respond emotionally.


Colors can communicate powerful messages. A brand requires a color family for its primary communications. Secondary ideas and strategies can be served with a fully developed secondary palate, but both complete a full definition of a brand’s look and feel. A brand’s promise which can be made more memorable with correct color selection. Color is the final detail giving the brand one last layer of depth to convey meaning and competitive difference.


Whether you know the difference between a font and a typeface or not, a brand’s typography is the cornerstone of its visual appeal. We could go on and on, because we love this subject. Suffice to say, “When in doubt, don’t use Comic Sans or Papyrus”. Any questions?

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Logo before and after samples.

Logo Before and After

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