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Priscilla Gets Some Life Coaching from Robin Barr

Join Priscilla McKinney, CEO and Momma Bird at Little Bird Marketing and Robin Barr, Chief Inspiration Officer at Unleash Your Brilliance in this episode. As a Life Coach Robin works with high performing executives who feel as if they are "dying at their desks". She addresses the true suffering many experience when they are out of alignment with their own values and are frustrated with their own inability to alter behaviors or outcomes they so strongly desire to change. 

They discuss the role of stress in modern life (especially how that shows up for entrepreneurs) and the different ways males and females tend to deal with this foundational issue. Along with our normal stress, she discusses how we layer habits of "checking out" on top by either living more in the past, or fixating on the future. Robin is passionate about helping people expand and integrate their emotions and stay present in order to create a life they truly love regardless of thes stress they feel. Together they debunk popular misconceptions about Life Coaching as an industry.  

Robin shares how she incorporates brain science to help stressed-out, hard-working professionals learn to live authentic, purpose-driven lives they love. This requires dismantling well-worn neuro pathways in your brain in order to reconfigure more positive ways of staying with and walking through our emotions. They explore how a Life Coach helps build capacity to stay with such difficult emotions. Robin offers a few simple techniques to incorporate into our every day lives, helping us bring our best self to work, to our families, and increase our own personal well being. 

Just know that Priscilla's business is definitely NOT a strong, muscular, winged pegasus (you'll have to listen in for that inside joke). She is still, however, building her capacity to walk through what she calls the "stunning discomfort of entrepreneurship."

Original theme music by the illustrious Leighton Cordell.

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