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Priscilla Evangelizes for Trello

Join Priscilla McKinney, Momma Bird here at Little Bird Marketing as she talks with Stella Garber, Marketing Director at Trello. Speak with Priscilla for 5 minutes about organization and she'll MAKE you sign up for Trello. Why not? It's free and it is SUPER AWESOME to say the least. Join these two funny and smart girls (wearing amazing lipstick) as they discuss the many uses for Trello from shopping lists, party planning to managing large advertising budgets. BEHOLD the first podcast giveaway with Stella giving instructions on how to get a free month of premium or business class just because she is awesome. Original theme music by Chris Stewart.

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Conversations with Priscilla McKinney, founder and President of Little Bird Marketing, a boutique marketing firm specializing in "better than your average bear" branding design and campaigns. As a marketing principal and serial entrepreneur topics range from marketing best practices to the reality of running a business, managing creatives, company culture, and other marketing oddities.