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Priscilla and Will Leach Tackle Difficult Decisions

Regular or decaf coffee? Aisle or window seat? Fries or tots…or curly fries? For most of us, these are just a few of the hundreds of decisions we make every day without conducting a cost-benefit analysis. We make these choices intuitively, using some magical portion of our brain/consciousness that’s able to just *snap* make decisions immediately. In this episode, Priscilla talks with Will Leach, founder of Trigger Point Design, a leading behavioral research and design consultancy. Trigger Point helps brands understand how to align their designs with the reality of how people actually make decisions - or, “match marketing toward behavior.”

Will is also the author of “Marketing to Mindstates,” a brilliant guide that demystifies these non-conscious filters and illustrates ways to create messages that activate emotional engagement. He and Priscilla discuss the highlights and challenges of authorship, and how the information in the book can be applied to a whole variety of situations.

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