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Priscilla and Katrina Noelle - Pandemic Narrative Chapter 2

No, it’s not Christmas, but in this episode we unwrap the truths of research during the pandemic. Katrina Noelle of KNow Research returns to the podcast and comes bearing the gift of insights. Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal.

In this episode, Priscilla McKinney and Katrina elaborate on the recent collaboration between KNow Research and Logica Research and how brands are hungry for deeper insights.

They two companies planned their partnership pre-pandemic, but quickly shifted directions in response to the world-wide outbreak. Katrina shares about the pivot and her experience with continuing research in the pandemic atmosphere.

Katrina is also the co-founder of Scoot Insights, which strives to fuel the wicked challenges of consumer insights. Her partner Janet Standen help decision-makers drive business forward with real-time, accurate insights.


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