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06/01/2020 - iTunes Link

MR Leadership Week: Sarah Kotva of Fieldwork, Inc.

If you're in the qualitative side of the MR business then you know the team at Fieldwork. They are friendly, helpful and definitely teach us all a thing or two about five-star hospitality. Whether they volunteer to check you in at Quirks, or sponsor Women in Research continued education and networking events, they always show up with a smile. With the advent of Coronavirus few segments of the industry were hit as hard as focus group facilities.

With that perspective, we talked with Sarah Kotva, VP and Partner at Fieldwork, Inc. about what has kept them focused and afloat as we all navigate these uncharted waters. 

Sarah is quick to point out that businesses have been operating in "the great unknown" over the past few months. Strengths that Fieldwork has displayed, she believes, have been in communication and adaptation. Fieldworkers pivoted both their internal communication and their client work (imagine rotating two mountains 90 degrees at the same time!) to virtual formats in order to continue addressing questions and moving work forward.

Through all that, they were able to flexibly and safely retain their high levels of productivity and togetherness. 

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05/29/2020 - iTunes Link

Priscilla and Jocelyn Simon Share a Moment of Truth

Decisions are like onions. They have layers. And sometimes they make you cry a little bit. The truth is, the complex cognitive and emotional workings that drive our choices are not always aligned with our perception of them. 

In this episode, Priscilla McKinney talks with Nailbiter’s SVP and Head of Client Services, Jocelyn Simon, about the minute, specific decision point: the moment of truth. Nailbiter’s platform helps brands unlock shopper insights through a platform that facilitates video shop-alongs for planned shopping trips. This allows them to capture the moment as it happens, and to observe the differences between real and reported truth. 

Along the way, they talk about developments in ecommerce, the value of partnership, the absence of data between product launch and sales reports, and the misleadingly bad cover art for Rich Dad, Poor Dad (layers!!)


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05/22/2020 - iTunes Link

Priscilla and Ashley Put the “Fun” in Marketing Fundamentals

Show of hands: Anyone else getting sick of receiving random messages from every site you’ve ever bought anything from over the past 13 years? They’re like “Here’s how we’re handling the pandemic...need some new cuff links for these trying times?” What a bunch of applesauce. Priscilla and Ashley use Superman vision to reveal the hidden cause behind this unprecedented outcropping: It is the panic caused by an absence of marketing fundamentals. 

See, when you have your marketing fundamentals lined out, you won’t be sending weird tone-deaf sales-y emails to people who bought one stupid tie tack for their nephew back in 2006. You will, instead, pivot on your marketing anchor point, and continue doing the good work. The five fundamentals covered in this episode are SMART Goals, Personas, Content Plan, Competitor/Content Analysis, and Defined Metrics/KPIs. 

Peep all free the Little Bird Marketing resources mentioned in this episode here:

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05/15/2020 - iTunes Link

Priscilla and Becky Harrison On The Importance of Communication

In the midst of a global pandemic the insights industry has proven to be flexible and dynamic. Looking for ways to meet brands' needs to navigate an era of drastically changing consumer opinion, leaders are digging into empathy, doubling down on communication and letting positive work culture guide their daily decisions. 

Becky Harrison, President of both the Ft. Lee, NJ and New York Fieldwork offices gives us a glimpse into the realities of managing during a crisis. With both facilities so near the epicenter of the American pandemic experience, her view is unique and a harbinger of hope. 

In this episode of Ponderings from the Perch she talks about the commitment to showing up authentically for employees, stakeholders, clients, respondents and vendors. While juggling work still in the field, migrating studies online, finding creative ways to engage respondents she is taking the time for human conversations and leading with empathy. In the end, Fieldwork sees themselves as a people company and a hub for hospitality and service to the insights community. This means being willing to be a resource to many while keeping an eye on the most appropriate response based on location. Becky also talks candidly about the importance of communication on a daily basis as the Coronavirus is a fluid situation. 

She talks openly about how her team is preparing for the surge of new research that will be needed as brands come back up to speed on their workloads. While in-person was suspended in the areas where her offices are located, as a part of the global Fieldwork team, she can be called on at any time to help get a project in field for any of the other offices. As they manage rolling reopening, their team is excited to showcase their flexibility and play their part in helping moderators, end-clients, mock juries, UX testing, medical device focus groups and more get back on schedule. 

We end the episode with a special thank you to Fieldwork for their consistent sponsorship of Women in Research, a free peer to peer networking and educational organization supporting women in the insights industry. 

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05/08/2020 - iTunes Link

MR Leadership Week: Merrill Dubrow of M/A/R/C Research

Merrill Dubrow is a thoughtful leader, podcast host, blogger, sought after keynote speaker and CEO of M/A/R/C Research. At the first sign of the Coronavirus making an impact on American business, Merrill moved quickly to spearhead a leadership roundtable and has been listening as much as leading, giving voice to many within the MR industry to help us all face what he refers to as this "opportunity to lead."

He's moving through a hard time to lead 65 employees with class and a total commitment to strong and frequent communications. 

He openly discusses the hardships of leading and acknowledges his need to be mindful of his own needs while balancing the needs of others. While he reaches out to others for personal check-ins with his team he's been trying to keep things light while never mixing words about the future. It's a tough balance Merrill is managing, but his tenacity to keep leading with empathy is encouraging and inspiring. 

In a show of vulnerability Merrill shares a personal story from his childhood that prepared him for a moment such as this. It is this kind of openness that has earned him the respect of his peers for so long. 

Merrill counts some of the market research greats as personal friends including Steve Schlesinger, CEO of Schlesinger Associates, Adam Froman, CEO of Delivina, Ryan Barry, CRO of Zappi and Sarah Kotva, Vice President of Fieldwork and more. 

M/A/R/C Research also has a podcast called On the Marc. Merrill interviews a wide variety of interesting people, artists, and sports experts as well as market research leaders. Another timely interview of Steve Schlesinger can be found here

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05/07/2020 - iTunes Link

MR Leadership Week: Anne Brown of Gazelle Global

Anne Brown is an experienced market research professional and serial entrepreneur. As founding partner in Gazelle Global Research she leads a global team with international data collection, data processing and total fieldwork management. She knows market research in multiple time zones, continents and languages. 

She's no stranger to change. In this episode her experience and practical knowledge shines through. She's built a global team who quickly were able to respond to the Coronavirus threats, but she speaks candidly about what happened with so many projects in the field when it felt as if a light switch was flipped in global market research. 

Anne gives her thoughts about what it will be like to "restart" in waves. She candidly discusses the new realities facing many MR firms as they regroup with a "new normal." Her team is keeping an eye on changes and total layoffs. As her team provides a menu of services to augment research teams she anticipates requests for more services and a change in how MR firms will bid for work in the near future. 

Anne Brown is a PRC certified member of the Insights Association and a longtime member of ESOMAR, WIRe, AMA, PMRG, WBENC and WBE.

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Ponderings from the Perch

Conversations with Priscilla McKinney, founder and President of Little Bird Marketing, a boutique marketing firm specializing in "better than your average bear" branding design and campaigns. As a marketing principal and serial entrepreneur topics range from marketing best practices to the reality of running a business, managing creatives, company culture, and other marketing oddities.