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Flock Stars WIRe Miniseries: Meet Katrina Noelle

What does it mean to be in the front seat of a female-driven market research company? In this episode of the Flock Stars WIRe Miniseries, Priscilla interviews Katrina Noelle of KNow Research and Scoot Insights.

“We landed on ‘female-driven’ because that is who is behind the wheel of our team. It’s come out of a personal history, for me, of endorsing and supporting women in the research industry because that’s how I’ve ended up where I am.”

Katrina Noelle is a self-proclaimed “time-zone agnostic” and president of KNow Research. For over 15 years, KNow Research has been designing custom qualitative research design for clients by combining methodologies from traditional in-person research with online and mobile approaches. To serve even more qualitative research needs, Katrina co-founded Scoot Insights, an agile qualitative methodology provider.

To describe her companies, Katrina regularly uses the terms “boots on the ground” and “front lines.” Why? Because her team does it all. From meeting with clients to collecting actual data, Katrina has excelled in building a team of people passionate about research and storytelling.

As a WIRexec member, Katrina has attended the WIRexec Summit for two years. “This year I was really able to set some goals of things I want to accomplish in the next year. I used the time to figure out how I’m going to achieve those goals alongside people who are doing the same thing.” For more insights on women in leadership, the future of the market research industry and learning to “be present,” listen to the episode!

Want to know more about WIRe? Click here for more information about becoming a member for FREE.

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Priscilla and Ashley Talk Turkey, Robots and Blogging

“To blog or not to blog?” A question you’ve probably asked yourself a time or two as a business owner. So what’s the answer? In this episode of the Little Bird Marketing company podcast, Momma Bird - Priscilla McKinney and Content Marketing Specialist - Ashley Le Blanc explore the benefits and complexity of blogging.

“Blogging - it's been around for a while now and seems like it might just be something that anyone can do, but we're here to say, maybe not everyone should be doing it, and if you are doing it, maybe you should have a strategy.”

Here’s the reality - the internet is exploding with content. There are millions of articles posted daily and you can't beat it by posting more. That's right— there's no point in adding clutter. To see ROI on your blogs, you need to focus on the quality of your content and how well you’re answering the questions of your ideal customer.

“This is a bigger question than just writing words that go on your website. It's about reaching your ideal client. Not just any client, not just any customer, but your ideal customer.”

Tune-in for more blogging insights, including:

  • Best practices for word count, keyword usage and social promotion
  • Current stats, numbers and trends
  • How to and why you should work with robots
  • Targeting your ideal customer

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09/28/2018 - iTunes Link

Flock Stars WIRe Miniseries: Meet Kristin Luck

Welcome to Flock Stars! These bite-size episodes feature the movers and shakers in marketing, advertising and surrounding industries. Our first season is all about Women In Research and each minisode will feature an inspiring woman who attended the 2018 WIRexec Leadership Summit. In this first episode, Priscilla McKinney interviews Kristin LuckPonderings from the Perch vet, supporter of women and Founder of WIRe.

“There’s so much direction in what we need to change to be successful, versus really stepping into understanding what our strengths are as women and as business leaders.”

Kristin is a serial entrepreneur and a globetrotting, internationally recognized keynote speaker on marketing measurement. She’s a futurist and growth hacking expert, specializing in nontraditional marketing and branding strategies. In 2007, Kristin was inspired to start WIRe after connecting with 50 women in the market research industry over drinks. Since that first cocktail mixer, WIRe has grown to become a global not-for-profit organization with 24 events worldwide in 2018.

WIRe is completely free to join. Kristin explains, “We don’t want a membership fee to be a barrier to folks to having access to our programming and services.” Want to know more about WIRE? Click here for more information about becoming a WIRE member.

To celebrate the badass women featured in this miniseries, we’re hosting a badass giveaway. Click here to enter!

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09/21/2018 - iTunes Link

Priscilla Gets Selfish with Sarah Marshank

When’s the last time you practiced the art of being selfish? Before you tell on us for using the “s-word,” let us explain. We’re talking about carving out time for self-exploration and inquiry. This week on the Little Bird Marketing company podcast, we brought in an expert on the journey to finding your authentic self.

In this episode of Ponderings from the Perch, Priscilla McKinney is joined by Sarah Marshank - entrepreneur and author. Sarah started Selfistry, a comprehensive integrative educational system for mastering the art of being human. She’s also the author of the “Being Selfish: My Journey for Escort to Monk to Grandmother.” Based in the SF Bay Area, Sarah teaches and speaks internationally, offers online courses, consults with corporate clients and works one-on-one with individuals.

Sarah’s inspiring conversation with Priscilla is filled with questions like, “How do we become the author of our own life?” and important insights like, “There is nothing wrong with continuing to grow ourselves.”

If you’re on a journey to self-discovery or in the process of crafting an authentic marketing strategy, this conversation will give you the motivation and encouragement you need to move forward.

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P.S. We’re starting a special miniseries next week! Our first Flock Stars minisode premieres Friday, September 28th. Our first season features conversations with the inspiring women who attended the 2018 WIRexec Leadership Summit.

09/07/2018 - iTunes Link

Priscilla Turns 100 in Podcast Years

She’s done it– Priscilla McKinney, Momma Bird and CEO of Little Bird Marketing, has turned 100 (in podcast years). To celebrate, she’s teamed up with friend and co-host Dan Leadbetter for a special show!

This episode is packed full of throwbacks, true stories, entrepreneurial insights and guest appearances.

“I still remember all of those milestones. As the company progresses and you bring new people on, it’s important to tell the story– as it was.”

Making it to episode 100 wouldn’t be possible without our amazing guests, staff and, of course, listeners. A giant thank you to all of our the Ponderings from the Perch alumni, including the ones featured in this episode:

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08/24/2018 - iTunes Link

Priscilla and Deirdre Breakenridge Cast a Wide Net

We all know the saying, “teamwork makes the dream work,” but in this episode of Ponderings from the Perch, Priscilla McKinney and guest Deirdre Breakenridge of the Women Worldwide podcast prove that networking can be one of the most valuable tools for your business.

Sharing in their love of communication, marketing and podcasting, Deirdre and Priscilla share their biggest networking successes and the mediums that facilitated them. Each using their podcast as their vessel, these two marketing badasses have mastered the art of getting the most out connections.

Deirdre shares, “Your [podcast] guests are an opportunity to do something together…That guest in the seat is really important.”

In addition to learning how Deirdre grew her podcast to 5,000 organic listens per episode, you’ll gain these insights on podcasting:

  • Advertising
  • Measuring ROI
  • Nailing the fundamentals

Give Deirdre’s podcast, Women Worldwide, a listen (we suggest this interview with Jennifer Wilkov) on iTunes or C-Suite Radio.

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