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03/24/2017 - iTunes Link

Priscilla Gets Holistic Marketing Pointers from Mitch Joel

Join Priscilla McKinney, CEO and Momma Bird at Little Bird Marketing as she talks with author, prolific writer and marketing guru, Mitch Joel. As the President of Mirum, a global digital marketing agency operating in close to 20 countries, he has earned the right to direct huge brands as they navigate digital marketing. He talks openly about how the marketing industry must come to grips with how consumers adopt quickly to technology while agencies and brands tend to lag behind. 

Since Mitch is a prolific speaker to the likes of LEGO, Wal-Mart, Starbucks, Twitter, Oracle, Nestle, Procter and Gamble, Unilever and more, his ideas have been put to the test. He breaks down complex strategies by focusing on three points on his "bull’s-eye" approach. Listen in for more of his musings on the nuance between the art and science of marketing. 

More than anything, Mitch believes in his work as craft and labors under the conviction that he simply wants to create things that are deeply meaningful to him. He writes, and challenges us to live our own truth as it rings true to us regardless of how it is received. In that way, he prefers the more creative approach to the absolute embrace of formulaic success. 

Follow Mitch's blog and be sure to subscribe to his fantastic podcast, Six Pixels of Separation. 

Don't miss his books, Six Pixels of Separation and CTRL ALT Delete

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03/17/2017 - iTunes Link

Priscilla is a St. Patty's Day Birthday Girl

Join Priscilla McKinney, CEO and Momma Bird at Little Bird Marketing along with Dan Leadbetter as they celebrate her St. Patty's Day birthday. As they are fellow-holiday birthday peeps (Dan having debuted on New Year's Eve) they talk about the joys and perils of a holiday birthday. What they can't wrap their minds around is the reality of actual St. Patrick's Day Birthday cards for sale. Seriously, individualized cards celebrating your birthday falling on this holiday. Hmmmm....

To celebrate, Dan delivers another pop quiz in which Priscilla rants a bit about marketing pet peeves. Seeing as it is her birthday, and will be wearing a green wig all day, he lets her vent. Included in those questions are also some reflections on entrepreneurship and of course, her memory of the top three birthday presents she's ever received. 

They also wrap up highlights from her trip to London and she offers some travel and networking tips. 

Was this supposed to be a marketing podcast? You'd better complain to the authorities! But, if you loved it and were wondering what to get her for her birthday, **SPOILER ALERT** she'd like a 5 star review of this show on iTunes

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03/10/2017 - iTunes Link

Priscilla Hosts the Best Damn Website Episode Ever

Join Priscilla McKinney, CEO and Momma Bird at Little Bird Marketing and her special guest, Stoney deGeyter of Pole Position Marketing. He is the author of the very definitively titled book, The Best Damn Web Marketing Checklist, Period! among others. Where others focus on search engine optimization (SEO) only for ranking results, his team goest beyond with a laser focus on total web presence optimiation for the sake of helping the visitor. 

Stoney elaborates on his process of writing his book. His journey of writing his own proprietary checklists for the work he did over the years. He uses his own book as a reminder to stay true to these fundamentals. Again, front and center to his advice and prolific blogging is his motivation to truly help his clients. 

Other books by Stoney deGeyter include:

SEO 101: Everything You Need to Know about SEO (But Were Afraid to Ask)

Keyword Research and Selection: The Definitive Guide to Gathering, Sortying, and Organizing Your Keywords into a High-Performance SEO Campaign

They also both enjoy Belgian waffles. This is true. 

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02/24/2017 - iTunes Link

Priscilla Gets Some Life Coaching from Robin Barr

Join Priscilla McKinney, CEO and Momma Bird at Little Bird Marketing and Robin Barr, Chief Inspiration Officer at Unleash Your Brilliance in this episode. As a Life Coach Robin works with high performing executives who feel as if they are "dying at their desks". She addresses the true suffering many experience when they are out of alignment with their own values and are frustrated with their own inability to alter behaviors or outcomes they so strongly desire to change. 

They discuss the role of stress in modern life (especially how that shows up for entrepreneurs) and the different ways males and females tend to deal with this foundational issue. Along with our normal stress, she discusses how we layer habits of "checking out" on top by either living more in the past, or fixating on the future. Robin is passionate about helping people expand and integrate their emotions and stay present in order to create a life they truly love regardless of thes stress they feel. Together they debunk popular misconceptions about Life Coaching as an industry.  

Robin shares how she incorporates brain science to help stressed-out, hard-working professionals learn to live authentic, purpose-driven lives they love. This requires dismantling well-worn neuro pathways in your brain in order to reconfigure more positive ways of staying with and walking through our emotions. They explore how a Life Coach helps build capacity to stay with such difficult emotions. Robin offers a few simple techniques to incorporate into our every day lives, helping us bring our best self to work, to our families, and increase our own personal well being. 

Just know that Priscilla's business is definitely NOT a strong, muscular, winged pegasus (you'll have to listen in for that inside joke). She is still, however, building her capacity to walk through what she calls the "stunning discomfort of entrepreneurship."

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02/17/2017 - iTunes Link

Priscilla Goes to London Town

Join Priscilla McKinney, CEO and Momma Bird at Little Bird Marketing along with Dan Leadbetter as they discuss her upcoming speaking engagement in London. As she heads out to speak to marketing researchers about the future of social media she focuses on what she continues to do to disrupt the market. 

She discusses how her book of business differs from most other agency owners she meets. Any given day the team could be working content about turbo engines, chiropractic care, sheet metal or autism solutions, just to name a few. This industry diversity requires her team to stay focused on process at all times. She also gets pretty vulnerable about how she has garnered a high rate of repeat customers. Priscilla believes this is because she has consistently respected client's marketing budgets and treated their money like her own. 

They also discuss some business development issues. She gets honest about how hard it is to strike a balance between dividing her time marketing her own company and completing work for clients. Every small agency should be living in the terror of that daily decision, in her humble opinion. This involves hard conversations and daily refocusing. These powerful conversations led the Little Bird Marketing team to assess their business by understanding where their talents, services and products fall into the following five buckets:

  1. seeding
  2. sprouting
  3. growing
  4. maturing
  5. mastering 

Her suggested travel reading list includes: 

McCarthy's Bar by Pete McCarthy

Pink Tanks and Velvet Hangovers by Douglas Lytle


To enter the official LONDON MUG CONTEST simply email us at with those words in the subject line and we'll let you know who wins when we end the contest on 5/31/17. 


Just for morbid curiosity, here is the link to the story of the woman who died and went unnoticed in London. 

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02/10/2017 - iTunes Link

Priscilla Gets a Taste of Qualitative Research with Liz Van Patten

Join Priscilla McKinney, CEO and Momma Bird at Little Bird Marketing and Liz Van Patten, an accomplished qualitative researcher. Her experience discovering marketing insights for companies, advertising agencies, governments and industry groups for more than 25 years has honed her skills in marketing research. They discuss the difference between qualitative and qualitative research and how they fit into concept testing/development, understanding path-to-purchase and decision-making, new product development, positioning development, communications research, and social media listening. 

As an early adopter of online qualitative research methods, Liz is an acknowledged expert in the use of asynchronous approaches such as online discussion forums, insight communities, in-depth interviews, online diaries, mobile interviews, and as well as real-time methods including webcam and text based online focus groups.

Liz's journey has run the gammut from handling focus groups with six year olds, to examining the effectiveness of copy on national brand campaigns. They discuss some of the more interesting branding and packaging work. They discuss the role of marketing research to truly deliver to brands meaningful discoveries and even get nitty gritty into some tools such as projective techniques to truly find out what people think about brands, services, projects, logos and more. They also discuss the blocks small companies have with accessing qualitative research along with the dangers of DIY models for consumer surveys. 

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