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06/15/2018 - iTunes Link

Priscilla and Dana Hit the (Green) Books

If you’ve ever needed something in the realm of market research, you’re probably familiar with the name GreenBook. The GreenBook Directory is a vast online resource of marketing research suppliers, facilities, and consultants. In this episode of Ponderings from the Perch, the Little Bird Marketing Podcast, Priscilla McKinney interviews Dana Stanley– Director of Operations at GreenBook.

Once a literal green book, GreenBook has grown to be the go-to resource for market research. Outside their online directory, they’ve developed a series of worldwide conferences (IIEX), the infamous Insights Marketing Day and heaps of helpful (and downloadable) content.

Tune-in as Priscilla and Dana talk:

  • Go-to market research conferences
  • Encouraging innovation in your industry
  • Speaking and presenting tips

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05/18/2018 - iTunes Link

Priscilla Gets Grilled by Beck on "Take Your Kid to Work Day"

In observation of National Take Your Kid To Work Day, Priscilla and Beck McKinney co-host a special edition of Ponderings from the Perch. In doing so, they learn more about each other, and verily, more about themselves in the process.

Beck has prepared a special pop quiz full of insightful questions for Priscilla about entrepreneurship, motivators, goals, and the importance of the silence during the Masters. Priscilla turns the tables back on Beck to find out why he thinks the office is slightly boring, and which of the Peeps is the most hilarious (spoiler: it’s Kahlief).

Join us for what is guaranteed to be the sweetest podcast you will listen to on any given day (except maybe that one podcast that’s just a bunch of kittens purring).

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04/06/2018 - iTunes Link

Priscilla Gets Radical with Thought Leadership Theory

What happens when you put two thought leaders in the same room? In this episode of Ponderings from the Perch, Priscilla McKinney, Momma Bird and CEO of Little Bird Marketing, and Dan Leadbetter explore the different roles of thought leaders.

After getting asked the same question at numerous speaking engagements, Priscilla honed in on the topic of thought leadership. Whether they acknowledge it or not, Priscilla explains, “Companies are built around thought leadership.” Identifying and amplifying your thought leadership style can give your brand the advantage in your industry.

At this point, you might be asking, “But how do I know what my thought leadership style is?” Don’t fret! Our “What Kind of Thought Leader Are You?” quiz will tell you that very thing. In this episode, Priscilla (the Radical) and Dan (the Visionary) compare their leadership styles after taking the quiz.

In addition to thought leadership, Priscilla and Dan dive into the topic of content marketing. They discuss:

  • How to develop unique content for your brand
  • 3 common “Content Traps”
  • Priscilla’s #1 rule of content marketing

So are you a Visionary, Radical, Inspiration, or Revolutionary? Find out your thought leadership style by taking the quiz!

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03/16/2018 - iTunes Link

Priscilla and Simon Dunn are "Really, Really Keen"

Join a fun-filled podcast with design wiz Simon Dunn, from Keen As Mustard Marketing, as he and Priscilla discuss holistic marketing strategy methods, data visualization, and the importance of industry networking.

Simon, with Keen as Mustard, has been finding new ways for agencies to understand research and insights for the past ten years, with an indisputable understanding of the complexities of the field.

“You don’t just do a new brand, or launch a new website, sit back and wait for the work to come in. It’s all about actually doing all of those things, joining them up, having a plan - segmentations - targeting. It’s a whole joined-up web of stuff that you’re doing - and you do need to be doing all of them. And for quite a long time!”

In addition to providing marketing research PR and media relations, Keen as Mustard also helped develop Viz-Fest, an annual 4-day webinar full of market research insights.

While the discussion is rife with extremely serious industry discussion, Simon and Priscilla find time to reminisce about Simon’s classiness, laugh about rebranding difficulties, and share a moment of sadness about Priscilla’s missed opportunity for Scotch eggs.

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03/02/2018 - iTunes Link

Priscilla and Kathrin O'Sullivan Move a Giant Ship

Join Priscilla McKinney, CEO and Momma Bird at Little Bird Marketing as she chats with Kathrin O'Sullivan, organizational development consultant, facilitator, executive coach, and extraordinary public speaker. O'Sullivan is a twelve-year veteran of Google, where she most recently served as Leadership Development Manager, and has studied with some of the most distinguished thought leaders in her field.  

Priscilla and Kathrin discuss the complexities of effecting change through coaching in an organization, and how it can often resemble the efforts of steering a giant boat. O'Sullivan brings a fresh and progressive viewpoint to the topic of how individuals and teams relate to their work. 

"From a company perspective, it’s like, ‘How can we help people become more productive in their work?’ And you do this by helping people - or, at least it’s my personal philosophy - enjoy their work more. The more they enjoy their work, the more they will collaborate, and the better the results will be."

They also discuss:

  • How to navigate complexity
  • The importance of cultures that stimulate creativity
  • The rise of short-term teams
  • How to approach coaching for first-timers

This episode is positively bursting with thought-leadership insights, and is an excellent starting point for anyone wanting to escape the waldeinsamkeit of job dissatisfaction. 

Be certain to follow Kathrin on LinkedIn, check out her website and read her blog for even more wisdom. 

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02/16/2018 - iTunes Link

Priscilla and Fritz Grutzner Slay the Brand Dragon

In this episode, Priscilla McKinney, CEO and Momma Bird at Little Bird Marketing chats with Fritz Grutzner, founder and President of Brandgarten. As a brand strategy consultant with 30 years of brand-building experience for Fortune 500s and non-profits in the U.S. and abroad, he shares his insights about how emotion drives behavior. His superpower involves identifying emotional insights and drivers of brand choice, helping organizations discover their most compelling, authentic brand story and teaching them to tell it in a consistent way.

While Brandgarten is primarily a strategy firm they do a lot of in-depth marketing research, because their strategies depend on having deep human insights. Fritz pontificates on his perspective about brand building and delivering actionable insights from the research. In the end, their team works with client to: 

  • understand the latest brain research and how to deal with the 95% of our cognitive activity that is really subconscious.
  • help brands tell memorable stories instead of focusing on brand facts.
  • help marketers understand the core emotions and total volatility of consumer loyalty.
  • integrate empathy into brand stories for bigger impact.
  • use current methodologies to tap into consumer's unfiltered thoughts.

You'll enjoy some of Fritz's personal stories including his work with Johnson & Johnson baby products. If you enjoyed this interview, you'll enjoy Fritz's recommendation of Nobel Prize winner, Daniel Kahneman's book entitled Thinking Fast and Slow

Find Fritz on LinkedIn, and check out their amazing case studies about their work with company greats including Delta, Rogaine, Organic Valley, Band-Aid, Acuvue, and more!

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