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10/11/2019 - iTunes Link

Priscilla's Top 3 Tips for a Successful Conference Season

Fresh off the heels of Insights Marketing Day in Denver, Priscilla McKinney checks in from the road to share her top 3 tips for a successful conference season, in a fun and informative micro-episode! Can we be real for a second? Conference fatigue is a real thing, and it’s a beast. Momma Bird’s three easy tips can help you maximize your learning, connection-making, and enjoyment at any conference you’re planning to attend.  Did you miss Insights Marketing Day in Denver? No worries! You can get caught up at Insights Marketing Day Europe on January 30, 2020, or back in the U.S. for the Chicago event next fall.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

10/04/2019 - iTunes Link

Priscilla and Baillie Buchanan Fight the Good Fight

Goodness, according to Emerson, is where the roots of wisdom are planted. In this episode of Ponderings from the Perch, Momma Bird Priscilla McKinney talks with Baillie Buchanan, cofounder and CRO of Research for Good. Research for Good has a disruptive business model. They specialize in market research sample and fieldwork solutions, but their unique mission provides charitable donations for each response, in addition to compensating the respondents. For the past few years, that charity has been Action Against Hunger. Baillie and Priscilla talk about what motivates respondents to provide the highest quality of feedback, how technology is impacting the market research landscape, and the future of work culture. Research For Good, beginning with only three founders, has grown to over 50 employees as an entirely remote-based business. Baillie says this feat is attributable to accountability, as well as a few technological advancements. They also talk about humanizing data, recognizing survey fatigue, and the awesomeness of Women in Research’s WIRexec. Check out Research for Good, and find Baillie on Twitter and LinkedIn. Baillie’s fave podcast(s): 1. Happy MR2. How I Built This3. Wow in the World (for the kiddos!) Fave app: Le TotePssst!! Baillie got us a hookup with Le Tote for a FREE TOTE! What?! Go to Fave Book: The Power by Naomi Alderman Fave Blog(kinda not really a blog, but blogesque): #fivesmartreads by Hitha Palepu ALSO, if you enjoy this podcast, and would like to hear more, please subscribe and you'll be privy to all the forthcoming goodness! If you're already a subscriber, consider leaving us a glowing review on iTunes. If you've already subscribed AND left us a glowing review on're the best. Thanks! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

09/20/2019 - iTunes Link

Priscilla and Xenia Muntean Make A Plan With Planable

In this episode of Ponderings from the Perch, Priscilla McKinney and Xenia Muntean discuss the best ways to develop micro and macro content, how content management is handled for B2B models compared to B2C, and how people in the content management world seemed to be lacking the perfect tool to handle social media in a modern way. That's until Xenia came along with Planable, a program that made social media content management more efficient, allowing workflow and scheduling to overlap perfectly.  Xenia is the CEO and Co-Founder of Planable, a content review and marketing collaboration platform used by over 4,000 teams at brands like Jaguar Land Rover, Viber, and World Food Program. Prior to launching Planable, at 20 years old, she built a digital marketing agency and led social for clients such as Coca-Cola. Xenia has been recognized on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list and she spoke on the Innovation Stage at Cannes Lions in 2018. Xenia graduated Tim Draper's startup academy in Silicon Valley and took Planable through the Techstars London accelerator in 2017. Xenia’s Favorite Podcast: Freakonomics    Fav Book: Sapiens By Yuval Noah Harari  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

09/13/2019 - iTunes Link

Priscilla and Jackie Rousseau-Anderson Climb Ev’ry Mountain

In this episode of Ponderings from the Perch, Momma Bird Priscilla McKinney talks with Jackie Rousseau-Anderson about analytics, self-promotion, being a champion of other women, and business growth. Jackie is a Strategic Advisor and Growth Strategist with ScaleHouse, working alongside Ponderings from the Perch friend and alumni Kristin Luck.  Jackie’s impact and work on social media and customer satisfaction won her a 2013 ARF Great Minds Award. Her understanding of social media and specialization in millennial connections has been cited in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Jackie’s work with ScaleHouse focuses on helping companies identify their strengths and mitigate their weaknesses, both strategically and operationally, to maximize their growth potential. Prior to ScaleHouse Jackie was the Chief Client Officer at Simmons Research where, as a member of the executive team, she lead the company’s transition to a client-centric organization across both the syndicated and custom lines of business. Through her roles leading sales, custom research and new product development with companies like Simmons, Experian, JD Power and Forrester, Jackie has helped design products and teams that bring value to customers while driving revenue for companies. This episode is sponsored by a Masters In Clarity Workshop on Oct. 3-4. Join PR & Media Expert Deirdre Breakenridge and Speaker & Communications Strategist Dolores Hirschmann for a live workshop in New York City - turn up the volume and engage with your audience. Use code PMSPECIAL for 10% off! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

09/06/2019 - iTunes Link

Priscilla and Jeffrey Hayzlett Dance on iTunes' Grave

At any point between 2004 and 2014ish, if Apple had announced that it was doing away with iTunes, music consumers and tech-heads around the world would have dejectedly tossed down their 2nd gen. 4 gig capacity blue ipod minis and shouted, “But my music!” Recently, however, when Apple casually mentioned that they were killing the service (in name, at least), it was sort of met with a worldwide “Ok, whatever.” In this episode of Ponderings from the Perch, Momma Bird Priscilla McKinney met with Jeffrey Hayzlett to discuss - at least partially - if there will be any discernible impact for podcasters and podcast listeners during the separation and renaming of Apple’s various media services. Spoiler: it’s unlikely. Jeffrey Hayzlett is the Chairman of C-Suite Network, host of The HERO Factor Podcast on C-Suite Radio, a primetime television host and a bestselling author. In addition to the iTunes kerfuffle, he and Priscilla discuss the art of podcasting, good guests, bad guests, and the importance of a network related to individual podcast genres. Ponderings from the Perch is a member of C-Suite Network, which Hayzlett founded to give c-suite themed podcasts a familial bond to share resources and connections.  What else? Celebrity look-alikes, of course! We’ll get you the photographic documentation in a forthcoming blog recap, but the Little Birds have collectively suggested that Hayzlett bears a resemblance to the great Hugh Bonneville - in short, we foresee Mr. Hayzlett answering to “Lord Grantham” in the near future! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

08/30/2019 - iTunes Link

Priscilla and Bob Ferro Have a Very Particular Set of Skills

For the sesquicentennial episode of Ponderings from the Perch, Momma Bird Priscilla McKinney and special guest Bob Ferro dig down to the core of talent acquisition in the Market Research field. Ferro is the Managing Director at Trusted Talent, which specializes in executive recruiting for market research and insights professionals. They talk about retention of innovative employees, how the MR industry is being impacted by the gig economy, and the importance of urgency in the hiring process - across the ever-evolving landscape of market research. Bob is a regular attendee of MR conferences, and earlier this year was awarded Little Bird’s quasi-fictional “BEST SHOES” award during the Quirk’s Chicago Event.  Bob says that the combination of shared experience within Trusted Talent, in addition to face-to-face connection through various MMR events helps him better understand the kinds of people his clients are wanting to hire. Trusted Talent has a free tool to help narrow the focus for the hiring process. Check it out now, or save it for your sempiternal future reference. Priscilla also highly recommends the Trusted Talent blog! Bob’s fave podcast - Sixty Savage Seconds Fave app - The Language of Letting Go Fave book - Younger Next Year Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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Conversations with Priscilla McKinney, founder and President of Little Bird Marketing, a boutique marketing firm specializing in "better than your average bear" branding design and campaigns. As a marketing principal and serial entrepreneur topics range from marketing best practices to the reality of running a business, managing creatives, company culture, and other marketing oddities.