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Priscilla and Pam Didner II: The Wrath of Khan

Ponderings from the Perch doesn’t usually get squeakquel episodes. However, when we heard that our friend Pam Didner had a new book, we were like, “Look who’s invited to the podcast now,” and also kind of like, “I still know this is going to be a great podcast!”

For those who don’t know, Pam is a sales, marketing & communication consultant, two-time author, prolific blogger, and global marketing speaker. She was also a guest of Ponderings way back in episode 39. Pam’s latest book, “Effective Sales Enablement,” is written for marketers to foster collaborative sales and marketing efforts. This time around, Priscilla and Pam quickly got back in the habit, discussing authorship, public speaking, the perils of marketing silos, and what marketers can do to better support their sales teams.

It’s a truly bogus journey.

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P.S. Props to anyone who caught all of our sequel references in this week's show notes.

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