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MR Leadership Week: Sandy Casey of InnovateMR

Sandy Casey is the Senior Vice President of Global Supply at InnovateMR - a trusted provider for consumer and B2B panels used for surveying and data collection. Sandy kicks off this episode with a super helpful paradigm to help navigate the stress during COVID-19. Of course it's a great piece of advice at any time, but it seems especially relevant today. 

She offers the best feedback loop as follows:

Stay positive

Stay healthy (physically and mentally)

Stay aware

Stay focused

Stay in sight

This circle of thinking enforces the very best and allows for anyone to ask for the right help at the right time. 

With her years of experience mentoring so many in the insights industry, you can see how she can quickly distill her expertise into something of immediate value. While she is inspiring her team and keeping them motivated she is quick to point out the need to also be helpful to clients and suppliers in our ecosystems. 

She talks about her practice of radical transparency and how that fuels the best conversations for meaningful collaborations. Starting every conversation whether internal or external with a genuine check-in with all involved, she actively creates an environment where everyone can be heard and respected. 

She points out the feedback loop is not complete without her phrase, "Stay in sight". While it's a great play on words for the insights industry it applies to all team members. While it may seem hard for some to accept kudos, it is a key part of continuing to do great work. The importance of giving credit where credit is deserved is a cornerstone of the way Sandy operates, leads and builds up everyone on the team. She also likes to remind leaders to not forget the importance of acknowledging the contributions of partners and taking the time to make sure their bosses know when they go above and beyond. 

She and Priscilla credit WIRexec retreat for bringing them together and encourage all women in the insights industry to sign up (it's FREE!) at to find peers, mentors and the support we always need, but truly require when times are tough. 


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