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MR Leadership Week: Lenny Murphy of GreenBook, IIeX, Veriglif & Gen2Advisors

In the insights industry Lenny Murphy is a household name. From his list of concurrent roles, including Director at Veriglif, Thought Leader at GreenBook, Senior Partner at Gen2Advisors, and Chairman/Producer at IIeX, to his prolific insightful content production, it is easy to understand that Lenny knows what he’s talking about. Fittingly, his reaction to the global pandemic was different from most:

“When all of this started, for me the thought was, ‘A lot of people are going to need help to figure out what’s going on, and what happens next…and we have a unique role in the industry of helping to do that.' That’s what we’ve always done.” 

In this episode, Momma Bird Priscilla McKinney and Lenny discuss reliance on data, opportunities for experimentation and exploration in a new work paradigm, and staying connected to workers in the field as a key to providing helpful direction. 

In terms of adaptation, IIeX events this year will be held virtually. Lenny points out that a playing field with more virtual events means more competition, which has prompted IIeX to find new and creative ways to focus on content and drive more value. Upcoming events include IIeX Forward (June 15-17), IIeX Behavior (June 22-24). Check out other upcoming IIeX events here

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